Culture Shock Performing Arts Center is pleased to be in it's 17th season providing quality dance instruction in Berks County, Pennsylvania. From our humble beginnings in a two room studio to our current large facility, with five large classrooms, a drumming room, costuming area and consignment shop. Culture Shock Performing Arts Center is a complete center for the dance arts. At Culture Shock Performing Arts we are a dance center that provides more than 15 different styles of dance including specialty classes in Polynesian. We offer a warm and welcoming stress free environment.

Dress Code Reiteration and Attendance

Students MUST wear proper dance attire! Any student wearing jeans will sit out of that class.

Proper dance shoes must also be worn, no dance student will be allowed to dance without the outlined attire from the beginning of the dance season.

Students must also wear tights!

This is mandatory, not optional. Tights are not just for looks, tights hold the muscles in place while we stretch, jump, turn, etc. Tights are here to help the dancer not injure themselves! So please, wear your tights!

Our studio is one of the most lenient studios on dance attire. We allow students to wear any color tights, leotard, shorts, dance pants, etc. but we still need the correct dance attire to instruct correctly, see the dancer’s body alignment, and make sure they are doing everything correctly. Baggy clothing is unacceptable.


*A reminder to all of our students that attendance is very important.  We do not hold make up classes for those who miss a class.

*For our competition students, attendance is a requirement!  Students cannot miss more than 6 classes total.

*If you cannot be at dance for any reason, please call, not facebook or email, us at 610-562-4420 and leave a message. 

Dance Rooms and 3rd Floor Family Room

No students under the age of 13 should be hanging out on the 3rd floor without a parent's supervision. We are having an issue with students running around and hiding upstairs. Their safety is our #1 concern! 

As an add-on, no student under the age of 13 should be hanging out in the girls dressing room. They can change in here, but not hang out.

If a student wants to practice a solo, duo, or trio in an empty room, they must come up to the front desk and ask to use the room. No student is allowed to hang out in a dance room without a teacher or permission.

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